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The Eighty Eights Show Events

Dueling pianos for hire are probably one of the most versatile entertainment options available for parties and events. Not just because of the fun or the variety of songs, jingles, and jokes, but because it works for so many audiences of all ages, and reasons for celebration!


We love parties, whether they are for retirement, homecomings, going-aways, corporate parties, holiday parties, baby showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties or good, old-fashioned birthdays. There isn’t a single party atmosphere that dueling pianos aren’t the right option for – but we make it even easier by coming to you!


Here are just a few of the events we commonly entertain.





Dueling Piano Fundraisers

Who says all fundraisers have to be the same? Who says they have to have quiet cocktail music delicately playing in the background? At the Eighty Eights Show, we think that a fundraiser should be fun!

After all, the best way to raise money for your cause is to raise awareness, and we are very good at attracting attention! Whether you want us to play songs along a certain theme, around a certain decade, or any other unique fundraiser ideas, we are happy to oblige and help you reach your donation goals by keeping the party moving and grooving.

Nightclubs, Restaurants & Private Events

Dueling piano bars are becoming more and more popular, but what if you have a favorite place, or a private event already, and it doesn’t happen to be at one of those dueling piano bars? Do you have to settle for some DJ? The stereo system of the restaurant?


No way!


You can have your cake and eat it too with private events entertained by our dueling pianos for hire. We are able to play at birthday parties, holiday parties, bachelorette/bachelors parties and more. And with our vast experience, nothing will surprise us.


Any location you’ve rented out, we can work with. We can communicate with the venue to learn their requirements and be sure to meet them. Because the last thing you want on the day of your private party is a hiccup. By choosing the premier dueling pianos for hire in Dallas and Fort Worth, you are guaranteeing that your private event will go off without a hitch – just as it should!

Wedding Dueling Pianos

The ‘DJ or band’ question is overrated – especially when there is the better option of having dueling pianos for hire who will act as your entertainment, music, DJ, and more.

Want to tone down the funny? Want to pump it up? Whatever the feel you are looking to achieve for your big day is possible with the Eighty Eights Show and our traveling dueling pianos.

Just like a DJ, we bring all the equipment needed to make our show (and your night) shine. We will keep your guests dancing, interacting, and having the time of their life, just as you begin your new life with your partner.

We love performing at all kinds of events and parties, but weddings will always hold a special place in our hearts at the Eighty Eights Show. Contact us to learn more about our availability and pricing or check out our blog for regular updates!


"The Eighty Eights Show made us all the life of the party!"

Karen F.

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